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Measure of Love

Should I help a friend, who has never been to a congress to get to the congress or should I go myself?

If a person is in the state of love, as is written, "Love your friend as yourself," then he gives his only pillow to his friend. However the Miztva (precept/commandment) of love is the last correction, the highest one

If a person is at the level of love of others "Love another as you love yourself," then he must (and he desires!) to give the other his only "pillow," that is, to send his friend to the congress. If neither of you go to the congress, then it is the quality of Sodom. However, if you are the only one going, you are the "wicked." But this is at the level of "love for another."

The degree of love is the highest and last level of correction. Until it is reached, there are numerous other steps, and for the time being, we are at the level of the "wicked."

Therefore, to act correctly means to act according to your level or "according to the law of Halakha" (the law), where "Halakha" derives from the word "Alicha," movement (toward the goal). In other words, this means correct advancement, correct action. In your case, you should go, the one who has the funds; otherwise, you will instill hatred between you and your friend.


- from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/10 (minutes 43-45)


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Divinity, Exile, and Redemption 

The spiritual meaning of the concepts: "Shechina (Divinity),"" Exile, and "Redemption"

Shechina is the Kli in which we discover the attribute of bestowal, that is, the Masach (screen) and Returning Light. It is the Kli that was created from the connection between the parts of the souls where each one connects them, despite the rejection. By that, this place receives a Masach and Returning Light, the attribute of bestowal, the intention to bestow.  And according to the size of the intention to bestow in this attribute, in the Masach and Returning Light, the Light is found, the Creator.

In this manner all our work is expressed.  We are constantly in two situations: "exile," and "redemption." When the letter "Aleph"("A," or one) is in the word "redemption" as opposed to exile (where this letter is missing), it is the Creator, the Light, the attribute of bestowal that is found within the Kli, within the corrected desire of the Created being.


- from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/10 (minutes 17-19)


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