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Life and Death

The measurement of life is determined according to how much I feel a part of the permanent system.

From the side of the Creator everything is completed, also from the aspect of the Lights and from the aspect of the Kelim (vessels), and only the created being from its side, "ripens" from the state in which he is in. The created being clarifies himself to himself. And the changes it goes through, from Malchut (Kingdom) of Ein Sof (Infinity) through all the states, is called "reincarnations." The reincarnations belong only to the created being. Nothing in the creation itself changes; rather, the created being is the one who adds to himself better and better understanding, appreciation, and recognition of the reality he discovers that surrounds him.

We must understand that we have ascents and descents, life and death, changes that are very extreme for us since we don't have the level of perception of the creation and incorrectly measure the world. Our life is measured according to the intentions that we need to obtain, according to self recognition that we need to discover.

In this world we don't exist in material itself but what's preliminary to it. If I don't feel anything, that is called nothing, death. If a feel a little, that's called alive. Our life and death are in intention, in relations to what we are, and thus there is no death from the aspect of the existence of reality. The measurement of life is determined according to how much I feel myself a part of the permanent system of reality, both physical and spiritual.


 - from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/10/11, Life and Death (minutes 7-11)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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