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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 22-11-09

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Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


The Conditions To Receive Spirituality From The Teacher

You cannot receive spirituality from books. You need to receive it from someone living, because only he can coordinate between your levels and spirituality. Only he can be in the middle, the means between you and Bina  (Intelligence).

The student's obligation is to listen to his words and carry them out, otherwise he is not a student.  For this to be, the student should have reverence, confidence, and respect towards his teacher. To the extent that these things exist in the student, he will be able listen to the words of the teacher and carry them out.

-from the 3rd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 21 - 30)


Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions


Spiritual Teacher

Is a person who is living in spiritual awareness and lives in this world, and can coordinate between your level and the spiritual level. The teacher is the means between you and spirituality.  "Teacher" is the message, the idea that he passes, which he teaches. In his words the teacher presents to you exactly the step that must be just in front of you, which you must pass in order to rise to spirituality. He directs you to the Creator and not to himself, and teaches his students that the connection between them reveals Godliness.

 -from the 3rd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson


Daily Kabbalah Quote


"God made man upright; but they have sought out many calculations." (Ecclesiastes Chapter 7, line 27)

The world seems to us large and multi-colored because we have many calculations because we do not succeed in bringing it all to one root. We are crushed into many different desires, and we feel each and every desire separately. A man should concentrate his efforts in gathering the entire reality into one material, and find in it the single Bestower. He should build in himself one system that will connect to thought, to action, to one will-to the Attribute of Bestowal. By revealing that, it is the revelation of the Creator. If we would succeed in combining this one account to all of our actions, we would succeed. And in order to come to it we have in our possession only one visualization-the right connection in society.         


Daily Kabbalah Reality Check

Examples in the daily Kabbalah lesson elucidate spiritual concepts through explanations of situations in this world


Submit Oneself to the Teacher

There are people in this world we are attracted to; we admire them and they serve as examples to us.  We look at them as children look at adults.  We try to emulate them, but we grasp all of this using intellect and reason; therefore it does not help us to climb to a higher spiritual level.  We simply emulate these people as so called "monkey training," which is education at the animal level.

A "teacher" is not a body image trying to teach me, but an internal image I create in myself from the message I want to absorb from him.  He is an internal image of the knowledge he has in his field of specialty and which I want to acquire.  He is a teacher to me only when I can create that image and when he shows me the way to the knowledge I desire.

For example, in our world we can learn physics or mathematics from a teacher and acquire his knowledge without any consideration to his physical appearance, to his personality, or to his behavior outside the classroom.   In spirituality, the opposite should happen.  The "teacher" is the example that shows me the path to spirituality; he teaches me about the spiritual step that I need to climb to; he is a link between me and the next spiritual level.

The spiritual world is hidden from us and we cannot reach it by ourselves.  Therefore, only if we devote and submit ourselves to the message and advice of the teacher, submit our intellect to his message, only then are we considered real students of Kabbalah who can reach spirituality.


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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