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A Steam Engine

A steam engine is a very vivid image, though unfortunately, they aren't around anymore. It makes a lot of noise, its valves are knocking and letting out steam, its pistons are moving, and this entire noisy machine is built in order to spin a wheel. That is the great invention that served as a basis for all of mankind's achievements: an engine that spins a wheel to which you can connect other things. You can use the motion to create an automobile, a ship, a plane, a windmill, or anything else you like.

All human production is built on this kind of motion. It's only in recent times that people have shifted to electronic devices, which are based on the motion of electrons instead of mechanical parts. But at the beginning of the industrial era, everything relied on steam engines.

If you are attached to the spinning wheel and are connected to it by a power operated belt, you are able to move. Similarly, our entire task is to attach to this wheel and cling to the belt! Our soul receives everything from the Creator, including nourishment, development and change of states. But our ability to attach to Him determines how quickly all of this will happen to us.

It's like driving a car with a hand operated stick shift which you constantly have to shift in order to change the level of your connection with the engine: You can choose a small rate, a faster one, or faster yet. That is how we connect to the Creator along 125 levels of spiritual ascent, determining the speed with which we are able to stay connected with Him, in unity and ever increasing equivalence of form. We move the stick shift higher and higher, until reaching the 125th level. That is how we change and come closer and closer to the Source.


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The Creator gives me different situations and I have to respond to them correctly.  How?

A.   Always try to justify that the situations that come to you are in order to advance you.

B.  Try to feel that these situations come to you from Him, that "there is none else besides Him" and that He is "Good and does Good."Try to feel that He only wants your welfare. Try to receive the bad the same as the good. In order to do this, you must stop for a second, do not deny the situation and begin to get over it correctly.

C.  To process the situation correctly - what is seen by us now is the AHP of the Elyon (Upper) that brings your next spiritual state, your next level. By way of your relating to it, to the extent that you are not in a good mood, it shows you how much you are lacking correction in this.

D.   Ask for His help! Ask the Creator to bring you the Surrounding Light, the Light of bestowal, the power of bestowal that will change you. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to ask, but the principle is to raise MAN (female water, Mayin Nukvin) and this He will understand.

If you relate to each state correctly then "the darkness illuminates as Light," and you will already feel in that situation a different relation of the Creator towards you.

This feeling will come as a result of the labor of changing my relation to the situation. 


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Daily Kabbalah Bites

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