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Where Is It In Me?

To Bestow In Order to Live

We must take the forces we got at the convention and bestow them onwards.

Man is always in advancement. At every instant there is new Aviut (coarseness) and new Reshimot (spiritual genes). This happens to every person, and especially to those who are enlightened from the study of Kabbalah and participation in grand things like The Zohar Convention 2010. Whoever was at the convention received a very large jump in advancement, and therefore he is now feeling the force of that pushing him onwards. Those who were at the convention received a very large power from participating in the society, lectures, dancing, singing, and all that was there.

Whoever contributed these days for his spiritual advancement, cut himself out of the world and inserted himself under the influence of the vast power that was there, and now is brought the suitable coarseness to work with, and he can work with this new coarseness under the condition that he connects the forces that are now available to him. Such a person should be in close connection to us, and use all that he got, all his new powers, for dissemination, not to the actual study. The study won't save him. Just like he received the forces from outside during the convention, thus he needs to take them outside, onwards. Otherwise these forces will operate against him. Whoever received too much and doesn't use it correctly can get poisoning. The forces we received must flow through us to others.

A person is like a cell in the body that needs to pass everything onwards. Receive impressions in order to pass them on. Always receiving impressions and transferring them onwards. Then he will feel the life that flows through him. If the flow stops within him, this is no longer life; this is death. It's not enough to sit by us and listen; one must now participate actively in dissemination. The study on its own is not enough. One must be in bestowal because he received this awakening from the outside.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed especially now, and we are in a period of dissemination and correction because the connection between people is now being revealed to us. Kabbalah can now be studied in the open, not the way Kabbalists used to have to study in obscurity, in hiding. Now every person receives the wisdom of Kabbalah along with many other folks, and it must continue this way. It is very dangerous to not participate in dissemination and transfer the forces you receive after the convention and after other events in which we receive great forces from the environment. We must pass them on; return them outwards in the form of dissemination bestowal. It is essential for the health of the spiritual body, and even to the physical body.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 72 - 77)


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Mitzvot (Commandments, Precepts) Of The Fringes And Phylacteries

What is the spiritual meaning of "Mitzvot of the fringes and Mitzvot of the phylacteries"?

In spirituality, the meaning of Mitzvot is correction of the desire to receive that is called, "body," so that it will be with the intention to bestow.

"Mitzvot of the fringes" means that the "body" is clothed in a "prayer shawl," meaning the Returning Light, when there is already a Masach (screen) on the entire Kli, and on all of "the four fringed garment," which stands for the four attributes of the desire to receive. 

"Mitzvot of the phylacteries" is the connection of man with the Upper Light in the form of correction that is called, "to receive in order to bestow."

Hand phylacteries is the correction of the Kli of reception called, "left hand" or "blunt hand."

Head phylacteries is the correction in which a man can pull the Upper Light, even in Gadlut ( adulthood), since he has already corrected the desire to receive in him and all the pieces that he can use with the intention of " for the sake of bestowal."

These two corrections are complete corrections that are in Zeir Anpin of Atzilut that are called, "The Holy One blessed be He," during the time of his Gadlut. When a man reaches these corrections he attains the Lights at the head of the levels, at the time of Gadlut, and he becomes completely similar to the Creator.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 66 - 68)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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