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Bestowal To The Group     

It is only with regards to the group that is it possible to examine whether I am bestowing.

I am able to perform the following examinations only in relation to the friends; that is, to the group: use of the two forces of right and left in the correct combination; use of the force of the desire to receive and also the awakening I received from the desire to bestow; the heart, the point in the heart, and arranging them in order to make a middle line, meaning to rise above it all in order to bestow.

It is impossible to make this examination in relation to the Creator since we don't feel him and don't know what He is. However, the ability to examine in relation to the group is given to us to the extent that we are ready to bestow.  If I see that I am not ready, then it's possible to pray. I need to awaken the Upper to give me strength to bestow to the group. The force of bestowal towards the group does not exist in me and is not able to exist in me before I receive it from Above.

Mutual studies awaken the desire to be together, as one man with one heart, and clarifies within us the deficiency. This is called the force of the Torah: "I created the evil inclination"; that is, the mutual rejection between us. "I created the Torah as a spice"; that is, the force to correct the evil inclination.  We need to discover the evil inclination and the rest will come from the Light.


-from the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/04/10 (minutes 3-6)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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