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The Right Way To Relate To The Physical Life

What is the correct way we should relate to our physical lives and how do we combine the care for our material existence with our spiritual growth?

We have to understand beyond our intellect, that it is not in our power to do anything in this world except for providing the essentials for our physical existence. I have to work, to toil, and so does the whole of humanity, we all need to work and toil in order to provide for the necessary existence. If we do that, we will not have any problems - no global warming, or global cooling, neither tsunamis, nor hurricanes, nothing of this kind.

If we will take care of providing each and every one of us the necessities for maintaining the body-and in fact our body doesn't need more in order to maintain a healthy way of life-there will be no harmful or threatening things in our lives. After we take care of that, every person will have to concentrate the rest of their efforts in attaining the divinity, in attaining that dimension where a person can feel their whole, eternal life.

The right way to manage our spiritual life is to work and to do the utmost to provide for ourselves, for it is written: "If There's No Flour, There's No Torah" (Im Ein Kemach, Ein Torah) and then to invest all the energy beyond in spirituality. We have to understand that providing the essentials for our living is also part of our spiritual work-we should approach the study and the spiritual work only after we have provided the essential for our bodies, on our own. If we do that, our success is guaranteed.


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A New Sense

How is Kabbalah related to science and how does it add to the tools we have for investigating reality?

Our world operates according to formulas, some of which are known to us while others are not. In order to discover them we need to research the world scientifically.  In spite of our strong need for answers, we still have many unanswered questions about our reality.  The more we advance scientifically, the more we discover natural phenomena that we cannot possibly understand because of the limitations of our five senses.  Therefore, we have continued to build instruments like microscopes, telescopes, radars and others, to compensate for our natural limitations.  These tools only expand our existing five senses but do not build new ones.  Moreover, we see that as we acquire more scientific knowledge we experience more dissatisfaction, namely with technology and the sharpening and refining of our existing five senses we are not becoming happier.  This is because we attempt to grasp our reality through our limited five senses.

In order to grasp a wider and more pleasant reality we need to acquire an additional sense -a new way to experience our world through bestowal instead of experiencing it by receiving egoistically.  Kabbalah is the method for developing that additional sense.  Kabbalah's approach to the investigation of reality is critical in nature; it explains that "one can only judge according to what his eyes can see."  In other words, a student of Kabbalah investigates and discovers the new sense for himself.  He can then view and sense reality with a new dimension, namely with a spiritual perspective.  Unlike ordinary science, Kabbalah does not add to our existing tools, but gives us new tools with which to "measure" reality correctly.

 -from the 3rd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 21 - 29)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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