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Middle Line

The middle line is our connection with Godliness. Its size depends on the extent to which we connect the two attributes together- reception and bestowal, right and left, substance of creation and intention of creation. All the attempts that a person accumulates in his spiritual work are recognized in the development of this middle line. This is the vessel in which a person receives the Light, this is his Soul.


From the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson, (min 2:36-3:59)


Daily Kabbalah Tip

Tips from the daily Kabbalah lesson are recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


How To Construct A Conversation With The Creator?

Search what is inside the inside of the heart - good things, bad things, it doesn't matter, but it must be the inner most. Prayer is work of the heart on the desires, the thoughts, and the intentions - all that exists in the heart in the deepest way that man can discover to connect with the Creator. Discuss it with yourself or not, but most important is that you do it with the Creator.


Daily Kabbalah Quote


"Each act of God is in order to respond to him"

The entire purpose of creation was set in advance, as Baal HaSulam explains in the three states that he describes in the "Introduction to the Book of Zohar." The Creator's thought must be implemented for these laws are absolute, as it is written "He gave law and it cannot be passed" and there cannot be any concession of this. All of the creatures must arrive at adherence to the Creator, but Man has been given the possibility to expedite his development.

So it is written that God made everything so that it comes "to respond to him," that is from His point of view we are situated in the final state, in the state of perfection. But we have been given the free choice to feel this final state, if we so wish.

That is, if you want to feel yourself in a condition that is different from that which you are now in, you must request that from the Creator. You need only to want to be in the opposite condition, in His state, in His trait. And if you truly want it, He will do that for you. If not, then stay in your present condition and then you will get to an even worse state in order to awaken you to think: Maybe I really should change my situation - from receiving to bestowal.  That is the whole point. We only have to ask the Creator to change the situation.



Daily Kabbalah Reality Check


Developing Sensitivity To The Creator's Daily Messages

The Creator is not revealed to a human being as it is often being described, as a miracle from heaven accompanied by thunder and lightning, but rather as an event from daily life.  This is analogous to a sea in which the water seems calm on its surface, but in its depths there exists a world rich and turbulent, full of developments and a variety of lively creatures, large and small.

However, unlike jumping into the sea, it is not possible to discover the Creator through a physical act.  A human being can discover the Creator's attitude toward him only by developing an internal, refined sensitivity to the messages that the Creator sends him in his daily life. 

If he does, he enters a different plane in his life and discovers that behind everything that happen the Creator sends him messages and tests, and actually "communicates" with him.  Then a human being feels that he cannot remain indifferent and wait.   If he wishes to discover the Creator; he must increase his desire to receive these messages and to move from the "calm water" to the unknown "deep water" where he can discover greater tests from the Creator and achieve greater results.

Added attentiveness is required from a human being in order to identify in the events of his life, the Creator's mind-set toward him and penetrate a richer dimension in life.  This added attentiveness can be obtained only with help from a group that appreciates a leap toward deeper connection with the Creator more than remaining in "calm waters."


From the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson, (min 5)

The Pleasure From "Playing Pirates" As Opposed To The Pleasure From Spirituality

When a child "plays pirates" he immediately identifies with the role of a pirate and plays even though he has never seen such a person and does not know what it means to be a pirate.  This is because the image he has of a pirate is driven by the same characteristics that drive other images he has from our world, namely by the desire for self fulfillment; in other words, by the will to receive.  The pleasure that a child can receive from the game of pirates is clear to him, as if we offer him 1000 ice creams.  He can imagine both with his natural desire for pleasure which enables him to imagine, to play, and to grow.

Similarly, in spiritual development a human being does not know the characteristics of the Creator he needs to acquire; like a child, he imitates the Creator's actions, plays, and grows.  However, unlike a child who naturally plays roles that provide him more pleasure, the progress toward acquiring the Creator's characteristics is a process toward bestowal and absolute love.  The progress of a human being toward acquiring the characteristics of the Creator is equivalent to acquiring the ability to devote his entire life to providing pleasures to others. Therefore, in order to enable a human being to grow, there is a system of "shells" that hides from him the truth about that toward which he is progressing; instead, this system of "shells" paints images of great personal benefits from acquiring the characteristics of the Creator.  This motivates a human being to desire these characteristics in spite of them being totally opposite to his nature.

Like a child who does not know the process of his natural development, a human being does not know the process of spiritual development, but gradually acquires its unknown characteristics. This happens in order to allow for free will, unlike the development of a child, in order to choose to grow toward similarity with the Creator, a human being needs to acquire powers he does not possess naturally. He can acquire these powers from an environment consisting of group and study. This environment enables him to attract the correcting Light - a force that enables him to understand that although he does not really want the will to bestow, there is nothing superior to it.


From Part 2 of the daily Kabbalah lesson, (minute 33)


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