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The World's Smoke From The Sacrifice

What is concealed behind the saying, "The world's smoke from the sacrifice" that is described in The Zohar?

"Smoke" is the Returning Light that rises during a spiritual action called, "sacrificing the victim" (victim from the word close).   This means bringing the desire to receive close to the Creator.  "Smoke" stands for the initials of "World, Year, Soul." In the article from the book Shamati, by that same name, Baal HaSulam explains the connection to us between the things:  man that takes his desire to receive, categorizes and arranges it for matching the Creator, thus builds his Returning Light and opens for himself an opening for his next level, to the new state, new world, new year and new soul.  This action is called, "the rising of the smoke from the sacrifice."

 -from 1st part f the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 5)


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Feeling The Upper's Hisaron For Spirituality

A mother that's providing her child's needs is feeling a great satisfaction. A similar happiness fills men's hearts when they reveal the desire (Hisaron) for spirituality inside which it allows them to get closer to the Creator, connect with Him and "fill Him."

We know from our lives how much satisfaction a mother can get from feeding her baby-if the baby gets the food and enjoys it, the mother tells her friends how much he enjoyed her food, you can see how happy she is by her act of making her baby enjoy.

Kabbalists tell us that in spiritual life joy stems from "good deeds." In this state the person annuls himself towards the Upper Force, and expects the force to effect him, fix him, and provide him with the quality of bestowal. When he reaches a level of "Hisaron" like that, to such a request from the Upper Force, it is similar to a mother feeling her baby's needs, who is happy to have recognized its needs, for now she can fill them and give the baby pleasure. This is how a person feels when he recognizes the "hisaron" for spirituality in him, the right demand for the Upper Force to correct him and turn him into bestowing. Whereas only out of such a demand can the person please the Creator and get close to Him.

In the spiritual world, the Creator and the creature are like two lovers who understand the connection between them, in friendship between them and finding out how they can connect to each other and fulfill each other more and more.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 15 - 22)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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