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An Animal On One Hand, A Person On The Other Hand

On the level of this world I'm an animal like everyone else, but what happens to me on the spiritual level? 

When we begin to learn, before we open The Book of Zohar, before reading the first word, we should primarily direct ourselves to discover our inner qualities. Without it you cannot learn and should not open the book, because an approach without that is a false approach, wrong. What Baal HaSulam writes in the famous Igeret (letter) "Israel, Oraita ve Kudsha Brich Hu Had Hu" (Israel, Torah, Creator, They are One), should be our intention in our progress towards the goal of creation.

On the outside, we treat life like everyone else. After all, whatever happens to me in corporeality I need to correct by external tools, like everyone else does. The doctor was given the permission to heal. If there's a fire, I turn to the fire department; I don't pray. I act in this world as this world was built, on the same level. Anything that comes from beyond this world is the point in the heart, and I attribute it to those points in the hearts that I find in friends, and to the Creator. That's all.

For me it is divided like this. I, the plain beast, am at the level of the bestial like all the beasts that are at this level; I co-exist with them, and I don't confuse it with anything Divine. You want to be secular, religious, please do; it does not matter.

I divide my life into two levels:  on one level is the animal, on the other level is the point in the heart. I relate to this world like everyone else, I do not get confused. That's it.

If I'd feel more comfortable throwing some money at a charity for a bus not to explode, so I throw. But only the point in the heart revealed in me belongs to a higher level, and treating this point is done only by the wisdom of Kabbalah; and I distinguish between the point in the heart and the wisdom of Kabbalah from all other wisdoms, including religion.


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King David And King Solomon

What is the spiritual meaning of the terms "King David" and "King Solomon"?

"King David" is a quality that exists within us, part of Malchut, which is how the will to receive in me is called. This quality symbolizes the purpose to tie Malchut, the will to receive, with the Creator, with bestowal. We attribute to King David the yearning for the Creator while he is in constant war against all sorts of haters who would always arise upon him (desires in order to receive). If a person constantly makes efforts to be in the "middle line" and to tie the left in him (Hochma, will to receive) with the right in him (Hassadim, will to bestow) to the maximum, then he is in a quality called "King David."

On the other hand, "King Solomon" who came after him symbolizes a completely different quality. Instead of war, he symbolizes peace, connection. From this we see the connection between the two discernments: what David prepared, and what Solomon implemented.

 -from 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 58 - 60)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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