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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 03-02-10

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Contempt Destroys Everything

The Small Changes In Your Attitude Determine Your Progress

Contempt destroys everything. Contempt can be expressed in not being on time, or when not spending all the time with the right intention for achieving the goal. Contempt can be expressed in actions, lack of accuracy in figuring out what is best to deal with when the person is on his own and is dealing with all sorts of trivial things. Contempt can be expressed towards the society, when a person degrades it and is not using it in the maximum beneficial way.

Those little things, little changes in attitude, are the ones to determine everything. And man has nothing to reassure himself  that he is in the correct general direction, that he is on the way with everyone together; that's not true. Work is personal. The demand of a person is in the small things, in this disregard for things that seem unimportant to him. The boundary between the sacred and the shell is very loose. Actually achieving the border between the shell and sanctity, in its feeling, in working with it, the person receives power called "Jacob," which is the middle line.

 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 54 - 57)


How Can A Person Reveal His Intention During The Study?

Man cannot reveal his intention during learning. Nobody can do it without help. This is about Arvut (Guarantee). The rescue of man depends on the intention, his desire to evolve and grow, and in the guarantee. The desire to evolve and grow, which is his intention, the person cannot get from Above. He accepts only the point in the heart. Everything a person has except for the point in the heart is the egotistical will with which he cannot advance towards the purpose of creation, spirituality. All the power for progress a person gets from the group only. Forces that a person receives from the group and connects to the point in his heart make him yearn, and are called the power of Arvut. Therefore, all of the person's intention is built on participation with friends, participation with the group. We should be in general guarantee between us.

There are situations in which members can't exercise all their intentions and bring them to me actively, but even then the person can use their preparations, the preparation from Above. But this can be done only out of love and a special attitude towards them, like the big one toward the little one. Normally it's very hard to do, and in order to progress, a person must "use" the active guarantee attitude, the revealed, which is among friends. Therefore, it is very important to talk among ourselves about the importance of the goal, the importance of the Creator, the importance of learning, the importance of intention, and the importance of the Rav-whatever the Rav encourages you to do-namely to receive the Torah from his mouth.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 73 - 77)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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