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Love Pains, Regular Pace and Accelerated Pace

Love Pains

This is the feeling of pain from not having the love of God.  If I determine that this is what I lack, then this feeling becomes a force of progress for me.

Regular Pace an Accelerated Pace

There are two ways for spiritual development: a) Regular pace, and b) Accelerated pace.  A "regular pace" is when we progress through the pain we experience in our physical world - lack of good health, food, sex, family, money, prestige, knowledge, or power.  Accelerated pace takes place when a person progresses through a lack he creates for himself, termed "I am lovesick."  In this case a person develops a greater need than the physical and human needs; this need eventually becomes his greatest need and does not let him rest.

In a spiritual path, a person replaces pains of one kind with pains of another kind, namely he replaces "regular pace" with "accelerated pace."  Such a person lives in a constant state of pain, search, and restlessness, but these pains are sweet pains called "Love Pains."

 -from the 3rd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 47)


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