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Correcting The Break

What's the similarity between assembling a puzzle and recognition of the "Thought of Creation"?

Have you ever heard of a factory that produces beautiful pictures, and then cuts them up into different shapes and "breaks" them into little pieces? It doesn't sound logical, but this is how you manufacture a puzzle. First you make a whole picture, and then you "spoil" it. Many children's toys work with this principle of disassembling and assembling. This is because children are drawn to breaking and disassembling things into their ingredients, and then rebuilding them. This is how they grow. From this they get to know the picture in depth, and feel it from the labor of their hands. In fact, the wisdom of Kabbalah explains that all of creation is managed through the principles of "breakage" (or "spoilage") and "correction."

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that the Creator, the force of bestowal and complete love, created a perfect reality in which all of creation is in a state of harmony, adhered to this Upper Force, and equalized to it in all properties. Only that in this state, all the creatures and at the top of them man, are filled with the plentitude of the Creator, without any recognition of the contrasting states or self recognition. Therefore, the "break" or "spoilage" was created; in other words, the perfect reality disappeared from people's consciousness, and was replaced with an opposite, "broken" reality. The essence of man's existence is to discover the broken parts of the perfect puzzle, discover the yearning to connect them back to one perfect picture, and thus, "correct the break."

All the experiences man goes through in his life are sort of "parts of the puzzle" that come to enable him to develop an awareness and self recognition in relation to the purpose of creation. Only when he goes through all the states himself and wants to discover from them how the system works, why things happen, what is the complete picture; he creates an "I" that is already standing in front of the Creator and understanding Him and why He "broke" the creation. And thus, he discovers inside himself the "thought of creation," the thought of the Creator. Man discovers the special, perfect mechanism that was prepared for him by the Creator, that only this way, by the break, could there be room for him to enter his desire in the process, and create his self status "with his own hands" and become a "man" (Adam, from the meaning "similar to the Creator").

-from the 2nd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson


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Don't Remember, Feel

There is no need to remember anything, only to labor and anticipate salvation.

We don't need to remember anything. As far as we're concerned everything disappears even moments after the reading.  What we need to do is to locate everything within us at the time of the reading. I don't need to remember what "cow" or "calf" is. If I have a feeling for this image, then I don't need a memory. Thus, we only need this to be revealed and not at all to memorize in a mechanical way. On the contrary, when I remember then it's as if I attained it, but that's a lie.  I am then satisfied with this and that's not good.  In order not to remember, I don't remember anything. I leave the lesson as if I didn't learn anything, only that I labored and anticipated salvation. 

Everything I read about is inside of me and in no other place.  Everything is within me. It isn't important to me how to locate what I am now seeing, but it's important for me to locate what The Zohar says, that everything is within me on a higher level. This is what I want to locate in me.  To the extent that I yearn to discover that same state and reach it, it is revealed by itself.  It isn't important how much I discover in a correct manner, but the desire is important. It is like a baby who grows within its desires. What does it have?  It has nothing except the power of nature, wanting very much to grow.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson


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