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Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually



I have to envision the attitude and relation that should be between me and the group, according to what I read in the books and hear from the teacher. The group and I are the same system. I have to envision it to myself, I must dream of my relation to it - "how good it would be if I was connected to them the way the books and teacher describe it. I don't agree to it, I don't want it, but that is spirituality." Even the understanding that I don't want it is a discerning observation along the path - why don't I want it, and what can I do so that I would want it anyway?

Thus, man begins to be his own psychologist, and convinces himself to advance.

 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 16)


Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions



Environment is a virtual concept - these are the points in my friends' hearts.

-from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 14)


A  document that is written like work procedures and by means of it one enters into work, into self-examination and self stabilization. The policy is a kind of standard, a criterion that I compare to. I am able to check and to understand how I change every time and how to return and renew the spiritual work. The policy contains the conditions to come back to the spiritual work, to progress.

-from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 15:55)


Something not yet revealed but stands to be discovered. We have to desire to discover it again and again, stage after stage, until we will discover it entirely. The word "secret" points to the treasure which is in the text and which we must discover, it is a kind of signpost that directs us to determine and to understand this parameter, its' size, it's quality. Otherwise, you cannot go on.

-from the 3rd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 19)


Daily Kabbalah Question

Q & A segments in the daily Kabbalah lesson provide a deeper exploration of the lesson’s topics


Question: In our world we progress also from our mistakes. Is there a mistake that because of it we can rise to the spiritual world?

Answer:  Also in the spiritual world we can progress through means of mistakes. A mistake is not a "mistake."

The meaning of a mistake is the discovery of some kind of defect inside me, latent in me from before, but was concealed from me. When it is revealed, it seems to be that, "Oh dear, I made a mistake!"  But that is not a mistake, only a revelation of something that was already within me.  As it is written, "There is nothing new under the sun."

All mistakes were designed in order to show you what you need to correct. Thus, it is forbidden for us to be conscious stricken about things from the past, it's forbidden to go over each thing we did in our lives that we are now sorry for. It is forbidden to go even one moment back in the past, but to accept the fact that everything was within us also before and thus was revealed now in order to allow us to progress. 

So what are we nevertheless able to do?  Only to prepare ourselves with a greater power, with a greater intention, with more investment in our studies, in dissemination, and in our society in order to be ready to advance with every evil discovery in me, in a more effective way.

But these evil ones must be discovered. You cannot escape them. On the contrary if you are ready to reveal them, be happy with them since then you will be able to advance


Daily Kabbalah Reality Check

Examples in the daily Kabbalah lesson elucidate spiritual concepts through explanations of situations in this world


How To Help People To Develop, Like We Do With Our Children

The Upper One raises the lower one by example, just as we give a child different games in order to develop him.

In spirituality, "man" is the one that desires to resemble God. As a result of the action of the upper system that determines the order of exits of reminiscences within him, he feels all of a sudden an awakening to reach to the Creator. So then this man is really ready to use the means that the Kabbalists prepared for him in order to expedite his development, to resemble the Creator.

This is like the way in which we develop children in this world - at every stage of their development we bring them games that will interest them on one hand, and on the other hand will contain the upper wisdom that the adults have put in them. For example, as a result of a child wanting to play in a car, he also learns about wheels, doors and colors. In fact the child thinks how to fulfill his desire, while the adults think how to develop him.

Similarly the Kabbalists have prepared the means in order to help people awaken to spirituality.  Although man doesn't feel a need for the means that the Kabbalists prepared for him and also not for spirituality, the clothing of the Kabbalists' message in comfortable garments that interest human beings expedites the development of the point in their heart. Otherwise Man will advance only by blows. The possibilities, which are open for us today to tell the world about the wisdom of Kabbalah, show that we are in the New Age, where everyone can be corrected more easily.

-from the 3rd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 11)


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