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To Tie Myself To The Society        

I need to define for myself, relationships of association and similarity to the group.

External dissemination ties a person to the process until habit becomes second nature. Habit is an important thing. It is something that can save a person, but it is only one thing and it is external. Internal work  is what actually ties a person to spirituality, and thus each one needs to find his own involvement with the study material. There are those who like to be involved with the study material by collecting all kinds of phases, by summarizing, by arranging paragraphs according to order, etc. You can review this material and read it from time to time in order to see if there is a difference in understanding. This work already has inner discernments.

Another task is to tie yourself to the group in all kinds of ways so that it becomes an obligation to be tied to the friends. This is against the desire of man; so, you will have to arrange for yourself an obligation, even a small one, to be connection to the group in some kind of mutual work. Then you will be obliged to be as friends, as equals. You need to determine for yourself such relationships with the group even if you don't want to. This is very difficult, but imperative.


-from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/08/10 (minutes 29-34)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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