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Spiritual Deficiency Is Fulfilled Immediately

We don't have to worry about spiritual fulfillment. Our only work is to prepare the deficiency.

In spirituality we work on the desire, not on fulfillment as we do in our world. We don't have to worry ourselves with spiritual fulfillment. The levels are already prepared for us. If we open and acquire the deficiency through studies, then this deficiency will be fulfilled immediately. Arriving at the study without deficiency is the normal situation. For the first time we receive an awakening from Above in order to bring us to the correct place. After this, our work begins. All the work is for the deficiency, on building the Kli (vessel).

We always need to be pulled to correction and of course we need to participate in the suffering of the public. However, after the act, it is already not important. If it's living, then it's living, and if it's dead, then dead. We need to move forward. Our connection with the final goal determines how a person will behave.


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Spiritual Work

What is spiritual work and how does it differ from the work in our world?

The goal of spiritual work is not for the purpose of attaining fulfillment like it is in our world, but rather the work is for the purpose of attaining the desire called "spiritual vessel."

In our world we work in order to receive a salary which will allow for fulfilling our desires and in spirituality it is the other way around. If a person has a desire, a vessel, then the fulfillment comes immediately, because he has already been prepared from above with abundance which limitlessly exists in "complete rest" surrounding a person. Therefore spiritual work is called "work of the Creator." The Creator in fact does the work and the person must only reach a Hissaron (deficit), a prayer, a request. And here it is precisely "a prayer before prayer," which is important that a Hissaron will be a Hissaron. This is what a person needs to attain, and he never needs to worry about fulfillment.

Approaching the study, or some kind of spiritual action without any Hissaron is an ordinary state from which we begin because the entire work is only on the Hissaron─on the vessel.

-from 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 3 - 13)


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