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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 23-05-11

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Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


Mutual Effort and Preparation  

The mutual effort and the correct preparation bring the Machsom (barrier) closer. 

A convention is like a big lesson and the preparation for it needs to be like the preparation for a lesson. We already have an internal claim to ascending a level and we ascend from convention to convention. We only need to increase the deficiency more and more. The effort that all of us makes together around the world gives great strength and several such actions can bring the Machsom much closer, and with the correct preparation, it will be realized.


 - from the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 05/23/11 (minutes 36-39)


Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions



What is creation in spirituality?

"Existence from existence" comes from the Creator and that is the Creator Himself, in relation to us. The Creator is the abundance, the desire to bestow. He is completely good and bestowing according to the Thought of Creation, the goal of creation. Everything is found there. And within this abundance from its being created, comes "existence from absence," the creation. From where was creation created? Creation was created from "absence." How can that be? I don't know; that is the act of the Creator and only He knows and is able to do it. The abundance begins to build in it, by itself, the desire to receive on it.  

How does that happen? That's the way it is. On this point exactly there is nothing to ask. This is called creation, "existence from absence."  Except for this point we learn about everything. In the meantime we don't feel it. We need to develop and correct our Kelim (desires) and reach Gmar Tikkun (End of Correction) and then when our Kli will be exactly like the abundance, then we will also understand what is "existence from absence."


- from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 05/23/11 (minute 12)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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