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Reshimot (Reminiscences) and Intention    

Desire is gotten from the society. Everything else the Upper worries about. You only need to demand.

We all have very different Reshimot (Reminiscences) and each time they are revealed to us we begin anew. With each such beginning we find ourselves with undefined intentions, without feeling or mind, and from this drowsy situation we must arrive at a state of "It is better to die than live," if within a moment I don't discover what is written about it in The Book.

Each one of us must find how to stimulate himself to the goal, to the correct intention. Rabash gave us advice that one needs to yearn to understand what to do. One needs strength for this, the intention and mind from the Upper.

We take the desire from the society and the rest we receive from the Upper according to the demand. The demand can only come on condition that I am impressed by the environment and the thoughts of the goal. 


- from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/10 (minutes 15-22)


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What is "superstition"? 

Belief in the government, in my strengths, in the forces of nature (sun, moon, stars, horoscopes), in demons and ghosts, or anything else except faith in the one Upper Force that is good and bestowing, and "There is none else besides him," is called, "superstition."

It turns out that if man perceives himself that he exists under the authority of all kinds of events in his life and he thinks that they don't depend on the One and only Upper Force that is good and bestowing and "There is none else besides Him," then this is called that he is exists in superstitions.

This is to say that if a person doesn't stabilize himself in that he lives in a round, closed world, in one integral global system, in which only one Force of bestowal and love is in control, if a clear feeling of this doesn't exist in him or even some kind of tendency for this correct perspective, but it seems to him as if he is under the control of various, strange forces, then this is called that he believes in "superstition."


- from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/10 (minutes 2-4)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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