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To Discover New Kelim (Vessels) with Happiness

How do you relate to the burden of the heart?

If I find myself in a state where I feel empty, but I don't feel like doing anything, i.e.,  I agree with it and am buried in it and I don't find any strength in myself and don't see that it's something that I need to overpower, then it's not correct. I need to look at this state as the state on which I must receive new Kelim.

This is a very important point. Either I look at the state from above the burden of the heart, which is difficult for me, or I discover the new state with happiness. With this burden, the Creator puts Himself first and demands from me to make an effort in order to know Him. I am across something that is still unknown to me, but the matter is placed before me.


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 02/09/11, Writings of Rabash (minutes 34-37)


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The Force of Tzimtzum (Restriction)

 What is the "Force of Tzimtzum" ?

The "Force of Tzimtzum" is when one passes to faith above reason in relation to others. This means that in each situation that is revealed to me, I must think of the good of others above my own good. If I am able to begin to think like this, it is called that I already control my desire to receive by the power of restriction.

By this I still haven't begun to work for the good of others. However, if in each and every place, i.e., in each desire (where "desire" means place), I can immediately relate to others and to myself and to  consider it in a way that doesn't depend on me, to be in balance between them, then that is called that I acquired the force of restriction.

In other words, when the desire to receive is discovered, it is revealed as internal and external, and I immediately discover in it a part that seems to me as inner (me), and a part that seems to me as external (others), and I am above this and can classify it correctly.


 - from the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 02/09/11, The Zohar (minutes 17-21)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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