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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 14-04-10

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Daily Kabbalah Tip

Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


New Vessels

New vessels can develop only in "little ones."

We should concentrate on sticking to the text written in The Book (The Zohar) at all times. We are reading about the light that operates on us, and sticking to the text is sufficient.

Like a child, around older people, who doesn't understand what they're saying, nor understands their behavior, the world of the adults seems like a secret. Yet, the child is included in the adults that are surrounding him, and out of this inclusion, without understanding and being prepared, he's starting to develop the right vessels to grasp the reality he's at.

Development occurs only when a person enters a place that he does not understand anything about, an environment which he has nothing to do with, and yet wants to be like that environment. Out of the desire to resemble that environment, he begins to absorb the power which develops him in that same direction.

You can see a development of new vessels only in "little ones". "Grownups" don't have new vessels; they only fill up their old vessels. Our new vessels can grow in this world and also in the spiritual world, just out of our desire to know where we are. Out of our desire to discover the picture, we will develop the vessel.


 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 1-5)


Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions


Simple Faith

What is the meaning of "simple faith"?

"Simple faith" is the yearning for absolute bestowal, the attribute of Bina ( intelligence), the attribute of Avraham, in which a person feels natural when he is not really in the attributes of reception, not entirely included in them.   He feels that the attribute of bestowal is important, that it has an important place in creation.  And thus, this is also felt through all kinds of ways externally.


 -from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 16-18)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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