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The Right Attitude To The Problems That Are Revealed

The single concealment is the reverse side of the Creator. This is a connection with Him, but a negative one. A person's vision is clouded by everything: He has problems with his family, children and wife, with his boss at work, his bank balance, and his health. However, he always attributes everything taking place to the Creator and understands that this is simply the Creator's way of playing with him.

If he doesn't forget that everything comes from the Creator and does not lose this connection, he is already in the state of single concealment, the reverse side of the Creator. This state contains various sublevels, which depend on how one understands the reason for why the Creator is doing all of this. Perhaps it's because He wants to punish the person for the mistakes he made in the past? On the other hand, a person may know that there is no such thing as punishment. Or he might decide that the Creator has always treated him well, even in the past; or he breaks all of his ties to the past and focuses entirely on the future. In other words, he feels that the Creator sends him suffering in order to help him advance in the future. The Creator pressures him similar to how parents pressure their child because they want the child to succeed.

Once a person reaches this realization, he begins to justify the Creator-either with regard to the past or the future, with the latter approach being more correct. However, the problems may be so great that a person becomes confused completely. He comes to the bank, or home, or work, and everywhere he encounters so many challenges that he forgets about the Creator and remains alone with his problems. His excuse for this is that he must first put his life in order.

It's true-you really do have to work on your problems, but at the same time, you shouldn't forget that they come from the Creator. You have to do everything that is expected of you in this world, but with the intention that you will attain the Creator's revelation through these actions.

The Creator uses all of these situations to reveal His opposite side to you. So the right way for you to see the situation is to correct the problems in the bank, with your family, and with your health, but to do it for the sake of revealing the Creator ("His face"), instead of thinking that the most important thing is to get rid of the problems themselves.

If you worry only about how to fix your bank account, your family problems and your health, then nothing will help, and even greater problems will come. But if you do all of this for the sake of revealing the Creator, or in other words-with a different intention, then everything will work out-even your bank balance.

The reverse side of the Creator becomes revealed to us through all of these situations in order for us to find the right attitude to Him and to reveal His face. This revelation will elevate us above all the problems.


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Changing The Attitude Towards The Creator

Question from a Student: How does parents pressuring their children relate to pressures that are put on us from the Creator, and how do they help us grow?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: If we observe the development of a child, we will see that during his years of growth he is under tremendous pressures pushing him from all over to change, to develop and to grow. At first, the child is not able to see that the pressures put on him, especially by his parents, are there to advance him in a good way. Later, as he matures, he already understands and wants to agree with them with all his might, despite the fact that their demands are contrary to his desires and he feels discomfort by it. When he disagrees with them, he feels that his behavior is bad and the pressure just increases on him. But as soon as he agrees with them, the pressure is lowered, and he feels better.

Kabbalists tell us that a child's development and his relation to the adults precisely resemble our spiritual development. We too, are being put under internal pressures by the Creator, to help develop us and bring us to the direction of the program that He prepared for us.

Similar to a child who eventually agrees with his parents' demands, the degree of our agreement with the actions of the Creator on us, will determine the degree of closeness we feel towards Him. To the extent to which we receive and the Creator's actions toward us, and the effort we make towards understanding they are for our benefit, even though they don't suit our desires, we will begin to advance towards the spiritual consciousness and the revelation of the nature of the Creator. On the other hand, inability to agree with the actions of the Creator on us, gives birth to a state of total concealment, or the feeling of "this world."


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