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The Most Important Thing Is The Effort

While reading The Book of Zohar, we must instantly translate all the words and names into two notions (qualities, forces, categories) that comprise everything; these two notions are the Light and the desire. Every person has to say to himself: All of these words are different desires and qualities inside me. I have to recognize them inside me and use them as an example, because through them, the Creator is showing me the structure of my soul, my world, my inner structure, and everything in existence, which He created. He thereby reveals my eternal state to me.

That is how we have to try to see what The Zohar is talking about. And we shouldn't despair, because everything is attained through efforts. As soon as each of us exerts the needed sum of efforts, he will reveal his Upper World.

No matter how confused we are during the lesson, how "numb" our state is, how incapable we feel in our mind and heart (in the understanding and sensation), none of these efforts depend on us. We have to thank the Creator for giving us the opportunity to be in front of this book.

Kabbalists call The Book of Zohar simply "the Book," emphasizing that there are no other books besides it. That's because a book refers to a structure, system or method that reveals the Creator to the creation.

It does not depend on the person how prepared he is for reading this book; it depends on his soul. Nevertheless, he is now placed in the best possible state for him and is sitting in front of this book and starting to listen to the lesson on The Zohar. That means he is capable of revealing it.


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What stands behind the definition "Reshimo," which Kabbalists use so much in their writings?

Kabbalists explain to us that the only thing in existence is matter-the desire to receive and the form which needs to dress the matter-the Reshimo.

The Creator created the desire to receive with the Light, which influenced the desire and created within it all sorts of forms of impression. These impressions that have been logged inside the desire are called "Reshimot".

So, Reshimo is the form of impression of the desire from the Light that was in it-the form that the matter received in the past. These forms exist in us, and are revealed each time, one after another. The Reshimo which is revealed causes us to want to return to the same form of impression from the Light which was logged on to the desire in the first place. When we actualize the Reshimo, and return to that same form, immediately the next Reshimo is awakened, and once again we search for a way to actualize it.

The Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us a way to actualize the Reshimot that have been impressed in us during the chain-of-events process from Ein Sof to our world, and ascend and return up the rungs of the ladder which have been ready for us and are well defined in front of us.

 -from 3rd part f the daily Kabbalah lesson


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