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He and His Name Are One

To the extent you bind the group to yourself, the greater the vessel (Kli) you create for revealing the target.

Everything you see in this world is part of your soul. We learn that the soul of man is what he feels, and inside it he feels his own reality, himself, and all he can imagine. Starting from the "Breaking of the vessels," Tzimtzum Bet (Second Restriction), the vessel is divided into several layers in which the person feels that there is "me" and there is something outside me. In the breaking of the vessels, the gap between the self and what is outside it became the gap between the self and what I hate, or whatever I want to exploit. That is, a sort of blindness was created, where the distant vessels seem as strangers, different, and even contradictory to me.

Our work is to understand that we need to connect these vessels by bestowal and love. We connect, each for himself, the vessels that seem external, and they become our internal vessels. That way we reach: "He and His Name Are One."

The Creator arranged that there will be other parts in the "Speaking" level around me that I can use. By the "other" vessels, I feel jealousy, lust, respect, hatred, etc.  I need to arrange these parts, each in its place. It all depends on the manner in which I arrange the others towards me so that they can assist me. I can arrange the group in such a way that it gives me a guarantee, that it helps me. By that I turn the force of the Breaking into an assisting force, and by that I should also overpower myself.

This is an internal work only, and its importance is the importance of the goal, and the goal cannot be achieved without connecting the group to me. If you connect your group to you, you have a vessel to reveal the target.


 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 55-59)


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First Restriction, Light of Hassadim, Light of Hochma, Complete Zivug

What is the "First Restriction," "Light of Hochma," "Light of Hassadim," and "Complete Zivug"? How is it possible to reach them?

The Creator created Malchut (Kingdom) of Ein Sof (Infinity) which is filled with endless Light, endless Light within the desire. Afterwards, the more the creature felt the Light, the more he felt the difference between himself and the Creator. And so, he made a condition called the "First Restriction": "I am not ready to feel the Light of Ein Sof; only if I will resemble the Creator, only on this condition, only to the extent of my bestowal to the Creator, will I be willing for His Light to be revealed."

In this state, the Creator and the creature are opposite each other, and the creature communicates with the Creator only to the extent that he resembles the Creator, to the extent of his adherence to Him, to the extent that he wants to bestow to the Creator.  This bestowal from the side of the creature is called "Light of Hassadim" (Mercy). And the Light of the Creator that is discovered in the creature according to the extent of the bestowal, of His Light of Hassadim, is called "Light of Hochma" (Wisdom).

And so from this, in each person the Light of Hassadim operates above the egotistic desire that is disclosed within him, and as much as he shows the Creator that he resembles Him, then to that extent the Creator is revealed to the person.  This game was already determined in the First Restriction.  There the Creator supposedly "said": "Okay, great, now I will lower you to the state of zero, and from the state of zero, from corporeality, you will live like a beast and will begin to raise a little desire for spirituality for yourself.  Then gradually on the surface of this desire for spirituality that rises in you for Me, you will make a correction of Hassadim. Actually I will perform the correction, but only to the extent that you want it."  This means that the Creator gives a person all the conditions to be really detached from everything, except for bestowal.

And when man is within the corporeal desire, this beastly desire, he needs to give it up in order to resemble the Creator in some way. This is the state that we are in, the first degree. And when we rise above it, this is called that we cross the Machsom (The Barrier). And then man enters the coarseness of Shoresh (Root) where he is already connected to the Creator. Afterwards he goes through the coarseness of Aleph (First), Bet (Second) , Gimel (Third) , and Dalet (Fourth) , as he goes through the worlds of Assiya (Action) , Yetzira (Creation) , Beria (Creation) , Atzilut (Nobility)  and Adam Kadmon (The Primordial Man). And thus he covers everything with the Light of Hassadim.  At this level, the Light of Hochma is completely revealed, the Light of Ein Sof, and this is called, "Complete Zivu" (Uniting) between the Creator and the creature.


 -from the 3rd part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 17-23)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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