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Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions


Act, Intention, Exile and Redemption       

What is "exile" and "redemption" and how are they connected to our acts and intentions?

Intention changes the world and not the acts that we perform in corporeality through our ego. Even if a person does good things but he does them without equipping himself first with the correct intention, in order to correct the heart, then his acts don't cause any good in the world.  We can perform acts without intention only if they are necessary for life, and if they pass to essential acts then it distances us from spirituality and causes only corruption in the world.

This state, in general, where we perform acts without intention is called "exile" and the state when we return to acts with intention is called "redemption" since then, in each and every act, we discover the Creator.


 - from the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/10 (minutes 34-38)


Daily Kabbalah Tip

Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


From Love of Mankind to the Love of the Creator

How does one examine that he experiences real pleasure from the Creator and is not deceiving himself?

The examination is in the substance, which is able to be clarified and clearly measured. For this we exist in this world and for this we must assemble a group in order to realize all the rules that we must fulfill towards the Creator. As is written," from the love of mankind to the love of the Creator."

We need to ask ourselves if we are ready to connect to those people of the group, those who yearn for the same goal, to be above ourselves, as servants? To serve what? We must worry that we will constantly be in the correct intention for spirituality, i.e., to supply ourselves with everything possible in order to reach spirituality. This is called that we are in Arvut (mutual guarantee)  with them, to worry about them with my heart, less external activities and more worry from the heart.


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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