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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 11-01-10

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Connection Is The Realization Of The Impression

Is today your desire a little higher than it was yesterday?

A person who studies The Book of Zohar with us in the group, in our preparations, in the interpretations, in dissemination, in everything we do, he should, after the study of The Zohar, ask himself and scrutinize himself to check whether his desire has become a little higher than before, his demands, his interpretation of the goal. He needs to examine and check himself every time: Does he hear what The Book of Zohar tells him? Does The Zohar affect him or not?

We should try to resemble, as much as possible, the authors of The Zohar who were interconnected. We should connect correctly within the society. If you are not connecting to this force, you are not realizing the impression correctly.

Question: How to use the outcome of progress by The Zohar in the right way?

Answer: The result brings an action that leads to the result. I have to understand that I should connect to the society. If a person is in an exaggerated state, for better or worse, it is a sign that he was not connected enough with the society, that he doesn't have enough material where he can process the impressions he's getting from above. It's against him and eventually it will stop him. All he receives from The Zohar, he has to implement immediately by uniting the society, to resemble, as much as possible, the Kabbalists who wrote the book for us, because by connection we get the tool for revelation.

A person got the power and now he needs to get in touch with that power; maybe when he connects with the society in the right way, he will be able to reach revelation. If he does not connect to society, this power disappears and is gone and this works against him. Like someone who eats too much and the food turns into food poisoning, or like a tree being over watered. By only learning, you cannot balance because studying brings you even more impressions and you will climb to even higher vibrations. You should balance the impression by progressing in the society and in the dissemination.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson


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Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions


Night, Day, Morning

What are the spiritual meanings of the concepts, "night," "day," "morning," that are mentioned in The Zohar?

"Day" and "night" are the attitudes within the person towards his state. We are not talking about feeling good or bad like in our world. If a person is able to bestow with his vessels (desires) then this state for him is called "day," and if he is not able to bestow, then for him it is called "night." Therefore, when he is trying to correct himself, he studies the Torah especially at "night," since "day" is the corrected situation in which he is already actively bestowing. And the meaning of "morning" is the transitional state between "night" and "day," the transition between correcting the vessel, to working with a corrected vessel.

In spirituality there is no predetermined time to wait until "morning" comes. The person who feels "night" and tries to transform it to "day" can immediately arouse the "morning" in himself. It depends on how fast he succeeds through the books and through the connection with the friends to pull to himself the Light of Hassidim (Mercy), and to illuminate the new, dark vessels that he received.

 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson



Daily Kabbalah Bites

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