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Above Reason

What is the meaning of going above reason and what is it good for?

Going above reason is to listen to the opinion of the teacher, to clarify your own person opinion, to see that they are opposed to each other, and to go according to the opinion of the teacher. In order to ascend to an upper degree, you must accept the upper opinion that the Creator puts before you. For that He is there.


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 05/25/11, "Things That Come From the Heart" (minute 4)


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What is annulment in spirituality?

The development of the group depends on the Rav. The extent that the friends in the group can annul their opinions to his opinion, according to that they develop since the spiritual environment is reason; it's ideas; it's a system; it's accepting authority. It is the condition that the student always needs to examine why and to whom to divert his reason. He is between two forces and he always needs to determine that the opinion of his Rav is more important than his own. If the student doesn't feel that he has an internal battle, then he isn't in clarifications but he thinks that everything is fine and will work out. Sometimes he actually goes against the Rav because it seems to him more logical to go according to his mind and feelings. There is no annulment in this situation because annulment is called that one goes against the desire, against the person's logic.

If the student copes with that, that is called that he chooses the path and goes with it, and if he doesn't have the ability to cope then he doesn't have an inner battle and it can be that he isn't even aware that he is always going according to his reason and it seems to him that he is advancing correctly.

The student who goes according to his own reason is never able to correctly advance since all of him is within this world, but only if he discovers two clear opinions within him, listens to his reason and to the reason of his Rav, knows the difference between the two, and also knows how to place one against the other and to go above his reason and accept the reason of his Rav. In this way he is constantly choosing and advances.


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 05/25/11, "Things That Come From the Heart" (minute 4)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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