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Balance Between Right and Left

One must take forces from the right side so he can be happy when revealing the left.

Everything depends on understanding, recognition, perception of the way, and seeing the target. How one can balance his suffering, the bad feeling, and the despair, along with understanding why it is revealed and what man needs to do?

Everything clears up in the thought. Even if a person is sitting and waiting to take all the beating, eventually, these blows should bring him the recognition of evil. Not to the feeling alone, but to internal recognition, understanding why evil comes, for what reason, and for what purpose. It all depends upon what a person will add to the situations he's going through, his awareness of the situations, the path, the goal, and the forces that operate on him, and the way he should react to them. I mean, man needs wisdom.

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 43- 45)


Man always needs to balance between right and left.

How does he do it? He should take as much as possible from the right, from the force of Bina, and according to that he will always reveal the left. No need to worry about the discovery of the power of the left; that left is waiting until the person will have the power of the good, and equally revealed to him is the power of the evil. But if he does not equip himself with the good force, then the evil force presses him and he feels pain. Therefore, everything depends on the balance between right and left.

If a person works correctly and pulls the right power optimally, then the left revealed is revealed in favor of man, and man is glad that it is revealed. Despite the unpleasant feeling he gets from revealing the left, the person is happy with the feeling and with the discovery. It resembles a detection of a disease when there is already the right remedy for it.

This is the path of correction. We should always be strengthened with the right, which is the study group, and the whole time to draw the light that reforms. Man should not be afraid of the left, but should worry about always being connected to the right.

 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 67 - 70)


Where is the point of change where the mind overcomes the emotion?

A child can feel to what extent he can do bad things and when his behavior is excessive and mother would be angry. It's a good thing. What can we do now? Man's desire to receive is pulling him to do everything by it, to live according to "eat and drink because tomorrow we die." On the other hand, man is considering in his mind what could be the result of the acts and what punishment he might receive.

When it comes to Kabbalah, the consideration is higher: the purpose of creation, the desire to bestow, achieving the goal, and the point in the heart that awakens and troubles the person. But despite that, it's about higher calculations; they are still in the ego:  Should I or should not have...? Ultimately, the calculation is always in the person's desire to receive. The solution of this calculation is in the intention to bestow. Meaning, the solution cannot be in the desire to receive. As the child can never reach correction if he continues to calculate how much he can go wild. The child also needs to rise to the mother's level, and understand why she is demanding a certain behavior. Is her demand for herself alone or does she demand of him because she wants him to grow up and mature? I, too, need to go to another level of decisions, to see myself from the higher level and understand that the demands are in my favor; I should get to a higher level to be like her, really.

 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 73 - 77)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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