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Remember and Don't Forget        

How does one feel others as close and connected, and reach Arvut (mutual guarantee)?

We should try to feel others as close, connected. Check and criticize: How long do we succeed holding the feeling and keeping this relation to others? Usually it ceases after a moment, and even that is good. The main thing is not to forget.  If we think of everyone with the goal that they won't forget, then they won't forget.

Each one of us will begin to feel the thoughts of others, their desires will influence their hearts. This is called Arvut (mutual guarantee), the condition for receiving the Light of the Torah. Why? Because each one of us holds the other, so that each one will remember that he needs to think of the inner connection. Thus, this is how we worry for each other.

This is intensive work. Each one will forget and will remember, forget and remember. Thus there will be many actions of exits and entries from the same connection. In this way we realize Reshimot (reminiscences) left over from the breakage of the souls, and after a few actions like these, we arrive at the Light.


 - from the Arava Congress lesson, "Connecting in the Arava Desert"


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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