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A Rose Among Thorns

What is "a rose among thorns" that we learn about in The Book of Zohar?

"A rose" is Malchut (Kingdom) that includes inside it all the souls that want to connect by annulling their egos. It is only possible to annul it by the Light that Reforms. Each person who longs to reveal the Upper World, the Creator, longs for "the rose," Malchut, since it is the place where the Creator is revealed.

In The Zohar we learn about this place. We learn that it's built by the Light that operates on it there with the same desires that want to reveal it, that are ready to connect for the sake of this, in spite of the interfering  "thorns,'' ''the splinters'' that are discovered in opposing the connection. Those that want to reveal the Creator are ready to be with those "splinters'' and through them to reach "the rose."


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/10 (minutes 0-4)


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Prepare A Place      

What does it mean "to prepare the place?"

Preparing a place is to rise above the disturbances. A person comes to the lesson with a lot of distractions. It seems to him that they are incidental but we know that it isn't an event but rather, is: "There is none else besides Him." Thus one must make a calculation; i.e., I don't understand what is happening and why, and I must rise above everything in order to connect to the others, to reach the creation of the place, creating Malchut (Kingdom). 

 When a person goes above his ego and connects with others in order to reveal the Creator, in that he measures the importance that he has in relation to the revelation of the Creator, in relation to the desire to bestow satisfaction to Him. We are given opportunities to examine our priorities. If revelation is of the utmost, then each time that you see that disturbances have been arranged for you, you must step on your ego in order to be in connection.

This is called "to prepare a place" and it is great work.


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/10 (minutes 16-20)


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