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To Demand Bestowal  

What do we have to do, in our internal environment, in order to reach mutual guarantee between us?

We must demand the force of bestowal. We need to hear as much as possible, from  friends, about the greatness of bestowal and to demand its force. There is a good state before us, a critical opportunity, in which all that is lately happening in the world and in the country, the problems, the economics and the security, all that is happening to us together as an inner group, is drained into that same point that we must press, harder and harder, and demand the force of bestowal, to direct everything in the right direction in order that there will be correct intentions for us.


 - from the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 08/31/11, "The Nation" (minutes 45-50)


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What is foreskin in spirituality?

In our world there are always two opposites that are found in two or more bodies when these bodies get closer, including their desires and thoughts, and then one feels two opposites in one matter. And this is the problem of removing the foreskin that the created being and the Creator have, and between them there exists a cloud, fog, darkness, something that the created being must hide. 

The problem is that in order for us to progress, we must discover the greatness of the Upper. But the Upper will not be felt by us as good, but the opposite, as a bestower, as loving, and I will not have any profit from it. Since, of course, if the Upper is great in my eyes, then I will run to idol worship since He is great. And thus I will benefit in security and all of His attributes. It is clear that to belong to the Great is good, in the event that I run to Him so as to be next to Him in the attribute of bestowal , love of others, to approach Him in the attributes that are similar to him, to reach equivalence of form and not because I receive from Him some benefit. Thus, there is the matter of removing the foreskin, that I remove the cloud, the fog, and only to the extent that I can remove from myself, my desire to receive.

Then that is called that I am in touch with the Upper, contact that turns into not just contact of receiver and giver but contact of two bestowers, one to the other. Thus the first contact between the created being and the Creator is called circumcision. And then we begin to remove the foreskin and that happens at each and every degree. One must understand who is the Upper and who is the lower here, who exactly needs to remove from himself, not the desire to receive and not what covers the desire to receive, which is the force of concealment, but which discovery he needs to receive, the attribute of bestowal and the faith, which are one and its opposite. Then to the extent that the created being holds within it two opposite attributes in one matter, then he approaches the Creator.


- from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 08/31/11, Shamati, (minute 4)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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