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Me, You, Me

Is everyone corrected and only I am corrupted, or are we all one body?

If I look at my present situation, I see that I am disconnected from everyone and only look for how to take advantage of them. But I also see that I want something new, something different. I want to reach the state of Arvut (mutual guarantee) with the friends and to connect with them. I want them to be close and important to me. I want to feel my dependence on them, as my dependence on my body. The force that is revealed in the connection between us is called, "Creator," bestowal.

"And love the other as yourself" is a spiritual state, where the friends who seem strange to me at the moment, transform to be part of me to some extent, seem to be as like me, where there is at least one measure that is shared between us, and we are connected to it together. And for this connection I am given a group. Begin connecting everyone together, until you feel in them that they exist in you. From within the shared measure, together, until you feel in them that they exist in you. From within the shared measure, shared desires, you will begin to feel the spiritual force.

Your are constantly in confusion between the observation of your disconnection from everyone, that they are corrected and you are corrupted, and between the spiritual connection. That's very good. You should constantly be in this confusion. This only says that you are in the correct thought towards the studies and the connection, and with their help you will attract the spiritual force.


 - from the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/26/11, The Zohar (minutes 14-23)


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Speech of Malchut (Kingdom),  Voice of Bina (Intelligence)

What are "voice of Bina," "speech of Malchut," "Zeir Anpin (small face)," and "God Almighty " and how is it connected to the spiritual concepts of sun, earth, and moon of our world?

There are two forces in nature: the desire to bestow of the Creator, which is "Keter (Crown)" and "Bina," and the desire to receive of the creatures which is "Hochma (Wisdom)," "Zeir Anpin" and "Malchut." The desire to receive of Malchut must go through corrections by the attribute of Bina, the attribute of bestowal, until all of Malchut equips itself with the intention of "for the sake of bestowal" of Bina.  In Bina it will be the desire, and in Malchut it will be the intention. This means that the desire of Bina will control the desire of Malchut, which is called that the intention of "for the sake of bestowal," will be on top of the desire to receive.

The action of Malchut, which raises itself to Bina with the goal of connecting to Bina is called, "speech of Malchut." And then it receives from Bina the force of bestowal which corrects it, and that is called "voice of Bina." Thus "voice" and "speech", Bina and Malchut, connect between them in coupling and the extent of the connection between them is actually "Zeir Anpin," "God Almightly." Thus it appears towards Malchut to the same extent that it can be together with Bina and that's the reason that in our world there is the sun, the earth, and the moon that is between them, which serves as a measure of connection between the sun and the earth.


- from the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/26/11, The Zohar (minutes 11-14)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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