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My Soul

The degree of connection between me and the group is my soul.    

My soul is my participation in the connection with others. I need to imagine to myself that there is a net of connection between the friends and that I am the only one not participating in it. All the friends are in Gmar Tikkun (Final Correction), completely righteous, and only I am not corrected. To the extent that I can participate in this infinite, complete, and corrected net of connection, this is called the dimension of my soul. I am included within the group as Malchut (Kingdom) in Ein Sof (Infinity), like Bina (Intelligence) where everything there is ready. The degree of connection between me and the group is the size of my soul.


-from the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/10 (minutes 32-34)


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What is "shame" in spirituality?    

"Shame" is the discovery of that same place from which it is later possible to attain adhesion, i.e., the Kli (vessel) from which it is possible to work. Shame is discovered a little at a time, at each level. If it weren't revealed, it wouldn't be possible for us to perform spiritual work. 

We are not speaking about shame in reference to the desire to receive since there is no shame in anything that the Creator created. However, we are speaking about spiritual shame when a man is aware that he could have performed something by himself and didn't; that is, shame is discovered as a situation that depends on us and we discover that we don't want it.  Also here, the desire is from our side.

This means that an actual void is discovered, an empty space of which I am the owner and can perform, but I don't do a thing, for reasons of my own.  Shame is a state. It's a Kli that is very complex and includes within me many levels. It has its own essence, and so when we reach the end of this sensation, it is already called "shame."

It is not simple to discover it, since it is the real Kli, the Kli that was built on top of all the other, previous Kelim that arrive from the Creator, from the Light, from the transgressions, from the despair, after exertion in all kinds of things, and from the Light that Reforms. And then after all this process, man begins to discover this additional Kli that is called "shame," and then he discovers fulfillment 620 times greater.


-from the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/30/10 (minutes 24-29)


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