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Forget Everything 

Reveal a small amount and conceal twice that amount. 

Question:  In reference to revealing a small amount and concealing twice that amount, a regular student advances according to previous knowledge that he leans upon. How can we, those with a point in the heart, advance? On what can we lean upon? On knowledge?

We can only lean on the surroundings. As far as knowledge is concerned, nothing interests me. I want to begin as a small child, without knowledge. As far as I am concerned, it can all disappear. It is best to begin "without possessions" and to lean only on the friends and the surroundings. 

To begin at the beginning: the advancement is in the willingness of the person and not in his understanding. We don't have to remember anything of what we learned, not with the intellect and not with the mind, but to start each day anew. Advancement is in the willingness of a person and not in his understanding.


 - from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 04/26/11, "The Arvut" (minutes 44-47)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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