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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 02-12-09

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Humanity Is Like An Ocean

Today we find ourselves in a new age, in which many people ask about the reason for living, but are afraid to search and prefer to continue to hang on to their understanding of the past. Thus, comes a general blow, a crisis and another crisis after it, and so on. And all of this forces us to search for lack of any other option. With time, people begin to get used to the situation that created the current crisis and it appears as if it doesn't exert any influence. But man's philosophy of life will begin to change, although the pace sometimes seems too slow. He will begin to listen. Nevertheless, don't forget that we are talking about a very great mass of people, and as the size of the mass is greater, the time it will take it to absorb changes from the outside is longer.

For example:  Today the temperature in Israel is 10 degrees, but the ocean is 22 degrees. This illustrates that it takes a lot of time until the huge mass like the ocean is cooled by the air. In the same way, it will take time until people internalize the message of the wisdom of Kabbalah and changes appear in their relation to life, education, culture, work, leisure time, and connection between people.  We are influencing this all, but remember that we are talking about influencing a great mass, like an ocean


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Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


Binding Yourself To The Spiritual Path

A person who is watching the Kabbalah lessons from home and wants to exert in love of friends must find himself a place in the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah. And through the dissemination he will connect with us. How are we, the group of Kabbalists "Bnei Baruch", connected on a daily basis? Through mutual work between us.

Just as children turn the connection between a man and woman into a family, we too have to have a shared "baby," and only dissemination can bind us. Therefore, every single one has to do something. What if a man lives far, and cannot arrive at a local Kabbalah center? It's not important. He should seek out a task that he can be burdened by in his region. And it develops him.

If a person is not connected to others in a way that he is passing on to them some part of the process of correction, he does not advance. In what other way will he tie himself to the Spiritual path? The study is personal, Spiritual advancement is done by inner delving and therefore it, too, is personal. Therefore our only refuge is dissemination.

With time, through his work in dissemination, he realizes that he is not disseminating, rather he is building his Spiritual Kli, in which he will later discover the Upper Light. I am not awakening strangers or doing some sort of favor for someone, I am connecting to myself the parts of my soul. And as I connect them to me in a small degree called "the original ten Sefirot," in them I will feel my first Spiritual degree. 


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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