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Environment, Game, Correction      

The environment exists in order to push me to the place of correction.

We must try, artificially, to think about the necessity of each one being included in the group. We must convince ourselves that the group is corrected. Each one who is included in the corrected place receives everything, i.e., spirituality, eternity, completeness, the Upper Force. Everything is found inside. The corrected place in the heart of the group is in Gmar Tikkun (End of Correction). There, we all exist as the great ones of the generation.

So that it will be easier for me to reach that place, I request that everyone influences me. This is called the environment. The environment exists in order to push me to the place of correction. If the environment constantly tells me that it's worthwhile for me to perform an action that will bring me to the right place, then I have strength to carry out this action.

Each person must look at how he convinces himself to go into the group internally. This is the place where the Upper Worlds are revealed-the Creator.  It is there that the true reality exists. We must convince everyone to play, each one towards the others in the corrected environment that stimulates everyone and presses on us to be annulled towards the place, to enter it.


 - from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/08/10 (minutes 47-51)


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General Providence and Individual Providence

What are "general Providence" and "individual Providence"?

In the wisdom of Kabbalah we learn that the entire system of the Upper Worlds operates according to the goal of Creation, to bring the creatures to equivalence of form with the Light, and that it has all kinds of processes and events that are planned for this to happen. Some of them operate on the creatures in an indirect way according to the general plan, on everyone together. This is called "general Providence." Some of them operate directly according to an individual plan, i.e., on each person separately and this is called "individual Providence."

All of this is rooted in Ein Sof (Infinity) where states Heh (five) to Aleph (one) (the state where the Light fills Malchut according to the First Restriction) and the state of Heh to Gimel (three) (the state where the Light fills Malchut in Gmar Tikkun) are found there as one. And, they determine the entire order of actions in Malchut, i.e., how to bring all its parts, each and every one of them according to its order and tempo, to the general and full correction of Malchut.


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/08/10 (minutes 20-25)


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