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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 05-09-11

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Daily Kabbalah Tip

Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


Spiritual Work Plan

Every person needs to be busy and commit to the goal of creation.

Every person needs to constantly push himself forward, quicken his advancement as much as possible. Each person must be busy with a proactive plan and commit to a schedule according to the society, commit to do more than the usual each day. And then he needs to check so as not to deal with nonsense but with really important things. Also if I am a small component, my small work system needs to complement others in a purposeful manner.


 - from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 09/05/11, Shamati (minutes 22-26)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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