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The Correct Preparation

All of our work is the work of preparation and we must come to the lesson with the correct deficiency.

Everything depends on the preparation. A person has to come to the lesson already prepared, passionate, with deficiency, like a sick person who comes to the doctor asking for medicine to help him, because he feels badly. When you come in this way, at the time of the lesson you are already in anticipation, but if from the beginning you come without any prepared deficiency to receive the medicine, then during the lesson, you will not remember it.

You need to discover this deficiency that is called, "evil inclination," before you open The Book of Zohar. After you've opened The Book, it is already too late. All of our work is the work of preparation. Everything depends on that. When you open The Book, the deficiency to receive treatment needs to be already inside you. The pain needs to be felt, ready, and you need to want to calm it. You should not think in an artificial manner, "Yes, connection with others, the friends...Oh, ... I forgot!" 

I need to ask for this. It's not a request. Who are you deceiving? Do you think we are playing with the Creator? It's a system that reads the intention like an x-ray, a system that reads what's in your heart, within your heart's inner feelings, things that even you don't know. From this inner place, your most inner deficiency is taken, and then it's decided whether to give you something in return or not.

To come to the lesson without previously prepared deficiency is not good. This is called making vessels at night, and from midnight and onwards beginning to study. Baal HaSulam would rise at exactly midnight, study and work, because one half of the night is the preparation of the vessels, the disclosure of the deficiency, and from the middle of the night onwards is the Zivug, Abba ve Ima (AVI) (father and mother) in preparing the vessels for the approaching morning when the Light illuminates the middle line.  

-from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 59- 64)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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