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Relate to life in a more "resolute" way

One must be real with himself and to divide his life into the part that is revealed to him and into the part that is still hidden away from him. For that, I recommend to relate to life in a precise way, more resolute and to try to clarify only the things that are related to the facts, on our part.

How will it make your life easier? First, you will stop listening to all of humanity, because most of the things that are said today are speculations and not facts at all, everybody accepts whatever comes to him and inflates it to enormous dimensions. And also in your life, when you go to find out all sorts of things at any given moment, you should take a stand of "There is nothing to the judge but what his eyes see."  This attitude allows a person to place a clear border between the hidden and the revealed in his life and so helps him to understand how much more he has to widen the revealed border.

No one has to live in a reality that is hidden from him. As Baal HaSulam wrote, "What was hidden yesterday can be revealed tomorrow." That is why it is important for you to clarify and to prioritize for yourself what is important for me to discover today, tomorrow and maybe the day after tomorrow. And to approach that discovery in a realistic form, without exchanging it with all kinds of philosophies. And if so, then you should clarify where the place of discovery is, among you and the friends. Now, begin to clarify what actions you must do to achieve this and more.

A healthy and right attitude to life takes into account the facts and guides me to clarify to myself what is revealed and what is hidden from me, to what extent, and in what order can I discover the things. Such clarification places me exactly on the path in spirituality.

That is, because I clarify my desire to receive, how much it needs to change and to correct itself, and to be impressed from this thing and that and in which order, etc.. That is the wisdom of Kabbalah, all that we are learning is how to enlarge our vessel and to obtain in it facts, the forms of Light that are clothed in it.


Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions


The Reason For The Breaking Of The Universal Soul

The breaking of the universal soul into many private parts called souls, was done in the beginning of the process of reality coming down from Above to below, in order to allow us to discover and realize the thought of creation-to receive pleasure from The Creator's bestowal in order to bestow.

Receiving that pleasure broke the vessel, the pleasure was so great that the creature could not stand up against it, but it also enabled him to sense enjoyment which he would not have been able to sense if not for this breakage. This is because it was not the selfish pleasure from bestowing that caused the breakage, The Light gave it the ability to cope with it; but the presence of the Owner, the shame of recognizing the status of the Giver, is what caused the vessel to break.

Therefore, the great addition that we purchase by the correction of the breakage is that in the end we will be able to receive the Light of NRNHY in the place of the Light of the soul, the additional pleasure upon discovering the bestowing action-the pleasure of the Creator's greatness. Only the breakage allows us to acknowledge it and after that to reach this status ourselves.

-from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minute 3)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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