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Revealing the letter Aleph inside the "Diaspora" - discovering the "Champion of the World" - the attributes of bestowal and love inside of me. A feeling of love in relation to others that it itself is the redemption.


(Preparation to the Lesson, 55:50-56:00. 59:15-59:22)


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Kabbalah Is The Language Of Bestowal

Question from a Student: Are there rules for how to study Kabbalah that a student has to follow in order to learn the language of Kabbalah?

Dr. Latiman's Answer: The language of Kabbalah is the language of bestowal. All four languages of Kabbalah (the languages of the Tanach, Halacha, Hagaddah, and Kabbalah) explain "how to bestow." This is what you should learn when reading all the books and explanations. A student must always remember that everything you are reading and hearing is teaching you about bestowal.

 Language is a program that you place inside you and set in motion. This program makes you think and want differently, and gives you a new attitude to the world. The language of Kabbalah is the language of bestowal.


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"Israel that exiled Shechina with them" (Bavli Talmud, Megillah, page 29)

Exile is a condition of grief about the state of the Divinity and not on our condition. Exile is the sense of loss of connection between us and the Creator, and therefore we are sorry and are pained about this. Any other situation is not called exile. The fact that we shout about the exile once a year, singing and speaking about it does not make our situation in "Exile". "Exile" means the feeling of regret that the redemption has not come. How many moments during the last two thousand years have we been in the revelation of the Divinity which is called Exile, which means that we regreted that the Divinity is in Exile?

It is for man to pass on his grief that he is situated in exile to the Divinity, towards the Creator - the Creator is the one that is in exile even though it wants to be revealed to the creatures. Which means, the creatures do not need to shout about how bad it is for them, but rather that they do not have the ability to cause satisfaction to their creator.


(Preparation to the Lesson, 4:41-6:36)


Daily Kabbalah Reality Check


On the Study of the Language of Kabbalah

The Connection Software with the Creator

The study of the language of Kabbalah with a Kabbalist teacher already enables you to find yourself at the start of discovering the spiritual structure.

It is like learning a computer program that knows how to connect between two computers that are working with different operating systems. The software program in question knows the commands from one operating system to the commands of the other operating system and you learn how to operate it.

In this same way, on one hand, man works with an "operating system" which is the desire to receive for himself,  and on the other hand, the Creator is there working the "operating system" which is bestowal. The language of Kabbalah is the program, the language, that knows how to translate and to connect between man and the Creator.

So that we can start to connect with this same Bestower, the Creator, we must:

A. Learn the basics of the language that links  between us, that is first to understand its basic functions.

B. Learn how to implement it in practice - and that is the point.

 (Third Part of the Lesson, 8:39-10:23)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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