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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 08-11-09

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Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions


A Holy Face - A face that doesn't receive light of the fourth aspect - works with all of the attributes other than the fourth aspect.

 From Part 2 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, (min 2:44-3:00)


A Spiritual Vessel - Returning Light in which the Direct Light clothes itself after the First Restriction. The intention in order to bestow which is the only vessel in spirituality - the place  to discover the Creator.

 From Part 2 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, (min 6:03-6:28)


The First Restriction - Isolates the desire to receive from the Light, isolates the creature from the pleasure that the creature can withstand.

From Part 2 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, (min 20:15-20:40)


The Size Of The Spiritual Desire -  is measured value by quality and not quantity - to what extent does it excel in bestowal.

From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, (min 33:52- 24:22)


Daily Kabbalah Bites




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