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Daily Kabbalah Definition

Definitions in the daily Kabbalah lesson guide a precise, spiritual approach to terms, & disqualify materialized corporeal definitions



For My Sake And For The Sake Of Others

For My Sake- A great degree that a man arrives at, before entrance into spirituality, before the Machsom (the barrier). When it is clear to a man that he is working in order to profit for himself, even though he really wants to reach bringing pleasure to everything surrounding him, the only thing that he asks for is to receive energy for this. Even so, he knows that it is clear that he doesn't exist in this, and that without receiving respect, control, some kind of profit, he is not able to implement the act of bestowal to his fellow-man. 

For the Sake of Others - The level of "desire for benevolence," to bestow in order to bestow. This is a spiritual level in which a man can work for the benefit of his fellow-man and give him all that he has without asking anything in return-bestowal for the sake of bestowal.

 -from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 5 to 14)


Daily Kabbalah Quote


"He has nothing to pronounce judgment but what his eyes see" (Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin Tractate)

We should check everything according to the vessels (the desires) of the person. Only to the degree of their correction can he diagnose correctly the things that he feels and judges. About this it is said "Not to pronounce judgment but what his eyes see." A person must be one hundred percent clean, he must be at the level of Bina (Intelligence), at the level of bestowal and even beyond this-at the level of Hochma (Wisdom). If the person has not reached this level, he has no ability to see the Truth and all he sees is only the result of his ego.

 -from the 1st part of the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 3 to 6)


Daily Kabbalah Tip

Advice in the daily Kabbalah lesson is recommended, practical tasks for advancing spiritually


The Book Of Zohar Can Only Be Understood By Uniting

When we study The Book of Zohar, we have to remember that it was written by a group of Kabbalists and therefore, it can only be understood within a group as well. In order to understand this book, we have to first unite, find the connections among us and try to reveal those connections with the help of this book. We will be able to reveal this book only inside the connection between us.

Everything that The Book of Zohar talks about is between the souls, between us. If we desire to bestow to one another, these desires will become our souls, and inside them, inside the connection among the souls, we will reveal the Creator, the Light that connects us together.

The Book of Zohar talks about how we can reveal the Upper Light: It is revealed inside the intention of bestowal and love. That is why preparing for the study and engagement in The Book of Zohar is the same as preparing to acquire the quality of bestowal and love, the thought of unity, mutual guarantee, and "love for your neighbor as yourself." We are preparing to attain this state in order to reveal the Light of bestowal and love. This is what The Zohar will help us to accomplish.

This is exactly the reason why Kabbalah is being revealed in our time: in order to help humanity attain this quality. But it will only happen to the degree we realize that it is necessary.


Daily Kabbalah Reality Check

Examples in the daily Kabbalah lesson elucidate spiritual concepts through explanations of situations in this world


Correcting the Vessel

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that at the beginning of the process of creation there were all kinds of human beings connected in a relationship of love and were used as a vessel for the Shechina of the Creator-the power of absolute love and bestowal. However, in order to allow the existence of a reality in which The Creator is hidden from the life of man, this same vessel of containment was broken, that same one Soul in which The Creator abided. As a result of the breaking, every one of us began to focus more and more on filling his personal desires and the existing connection among all of them faded and disappeared from our eyes. The common desire to connect, to love each other and to be filled by the love of The Creator, broke into millions of small desires that were tuned into themselves.

The more the desires of man grow during his development, he senses a rising disappointment in his ability to find within him satisfaction and real love in his relationship between him and between the people in his surroundings. He feels that a life like this loses its taste, and then he arrives at the Wisdom of Kabbalah and feels that his life really has a higher purpose.

So begins a person on the process of spiritual development that is trying to correct that same broken vessel in which wholeness and love are found. Slowly, slowly he discovers that the loving attitude of the Creator is found in abundance like in the beginning, but he must correct his relationship towards his fellowman in order to be able to sense the abundance that is around him.

This is like a cup that has a hole in it, and therefore, cannot be filled. However, it is unlike the cup in which it is easy to discover the place of the crack, and decide either to throw it away or to fix it. After all, all the work of man in the process of spiritual development, is to search where the crack is located, to inspect it and to demand its correction.

To do this a man has to enter into a surrounding of people that are involved in spiritual development, which will serve him as a model of the corrected vessel, and against which he will receive impressions about his present state. That way a person can discover that the place of the crack lies, in fact, in his egotistical connection towards his fellowman, and in the lack of desire and willingness on his behalf to connect and to love those that surround him.

Any other action that the person does, as exerted as it may be, can be compared to trying to put together a broken cup by caressing it, cleaning it, or any other action other than fixing the hole that is there. Compared to that, the work in revealing The Creator among the members in the correct surroundings will bring about the repairing of the crack, which means to create a correct connection between the person and his fellowman, to the discovery of the Light of The Creator.

 -from the Preparation to the daily Kabbalah lesson (minutes 31to 34)


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