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To Grow Love

Is it better to open quarrels between couples or to cover them with love?

Love should have a purpose; otherwise, it won't last. Thus, one needs to straightforwardly open quarrels, to clarify them, and stop at a certain point where it is decided that from here on not to examine more, but to forget, i.e., covering with love.

If one covers with love all the time, then that won't be right. One must straightforwardly open conflicts. Let's be realistic. We are not a pair of doves; we are both egoistic, i.e., we agree about some things and some not. I compromise and my partner compromises.

We need to grow love between us because it has the right to exist, and the way to grow it is through compromises. Each one of the couple compromises in some way and in some way not. This is the way one grows love.


 - from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/08/11, Woman (minutes 27-30)


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Acts of Remedy, Surrounding Light

What are "acts of remedy" and "Surrounding Light"?

If man grew up within his nature and develops within the desire to receive, he knows and feels what is approaching, what can be expected, how he can advance, and he chooses what is good for him according to the best of his understanding.

Opposite to this, in spiritual development, we need to buy another nature, to resemble the Upper One, and thus we can never know in advance what to expect, but we can only invite upon ourselves the force of development from Above. The force that man received initially is called the "point in the heart," the desire for spirituality, and the force that he invites through the group and the studies that works on him and changes him is called "Surrounding Light."

In other words, in spiritual development, each time a man advances to a new state, which is unexpected and unknown, he does it through clear actions that are called "acts of remedy"; it is through them that he invites upon himself the influence of the Upper Force. These acts can be described and can actually be implemented in practice in the desire to receive, in the uncorrected state, in each and every level.

What is the action from the side of the Upper, which means the way the "Surrounding Light" arrives and how does it influence us? This is not understood nor is it felt by us, but only its result is felt by us.  And thus this action is called "remedy," since for us there is no cause and effect. We don't know exactly how it happens, exactly when it's supposed to happen and in what way.


- from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 03/08/11, The Importance of the Study (minutes 4-11)


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