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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 15-03-10

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The World Of Imagination, The World Of Truth, And The Connection Between Them

What is the world of imagination and the world of truth according to Kabbalah, and what is the relationship between them?

We learn in the wisdom of Kabbalah that our world is a world of imagination, and the real world, the spiritual world, we do not feel. But when we are in only one perception of reality, feeling only this world alone, we cannot describe it as imagination, but we live in it and this is all of our reality. Only when we begin to attain the world of truth, when we comprehend that all the forces that exist are there, all the facts and decisions, and that we are here just to get to know the real Upper form, then we call our world "imaginary."

That is, only if the person feels the two degrees of reality, and is present in both of them and controls them with a clear perception, only then he can tell that one of them is called "imaginary." "Imaginary" does not mean that it does not exist, but it is called a copy of the real one. Meaning, there's a real reality and an "imaginary" reality, like a mirror, a copy of it. The "mirror" also exists, and precisely out of that "mirror" we can reach and capture the real form. But the spiritual form itself, without the "mirror," is unperceivable.

Therefore we need to develop the spiritual perception out of the imaginary concept of this world, and we cannot disconnect from it until we reach the final correction. Meanwhile, during the correction, during the increasing stages of attainment, the spiritual perception will always consist of both worlds-imaginary and real.


Is It Possible To Imagine The Spiritual Reality?

You cannot imagine any spiritual form out of physicality. But if a person, out of his desire to bestow, tries to develop some kind of approach to a greater desire to bestow, to love of others, and to rise above ego, in accordance with the Kabbalists' writings, then that way he can advance-not out of imagining a spiritual form, but only if he directs himself in a physical way towards greater bestowal. If he requests during the time of the study, dissemination, and contact with friends, that the spiritual form will come to him and be dressed in him, and he works for it as much as he can, then it's possible. But, what is this form? You cannot imagine it in advance.


-from the Preparation for The Zohar study (minutes 8-31)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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