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The Great Force In The World

There is no force in this world that is equal to the force of The Book of Zohar, and each one should learn from it daily. 

The Holy Ari, the great Kabbalist who gave us the wisdom of Kabbalah, said that one day of studying the Zohar is equal to one year of studying another source. All of humanity must enter the light of connection that is found in The Book of Zohar, and with the merit of The Book, everyone connects between them, even the most evil ones in the world. The Book of Zohar was written by a group who were at the level of GmarTikun (end of correction) while living in our corporeal world. Thus the force of The Book of Zohar surpasses everything. Everyone-those who understand and those who don't, those who want and those who don't want-needs to listen a little to The Book of Zohar each day, whether it is during the hours that we study or different hours during the day.


 -from the 2010 World Zohar Convention, lesson 7 (minutes 40-43)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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