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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 14-03-10

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The Search for the Essence

Only if we think of others will we discover the Kelim (vessels) for advancement.

If a person shuts himself off from society, if he wants to advance alone, on his own, and begins to blame himself from within for the clarification of the situations, then nothing will come out of this and he will not progress. He cannot identify the states correctly, in a balanced way.  He cannot equip himself with the opposing forces of right and left. For this, he must be in the society. Only the society and the study can help with this. 

The problem with beginners is that a person thinks that the path to spirituality is by way of personal development. Everyone thinks, "Why should I connect to other people?  I need to be more internal, within myself, internal clarifications, to understand, to digest, to delve within." To involve others and be involved with them seems to a person to be something cheap, and easy, like buddies. This is a loss since if a person begins to relate to others in an intensive way, internally, then from within the search for the essence of the connection with others, without relating to his previous opinions about society or connection, then he can succeed.

We can't gain anything from the internal search within ourselves, it's just impossible.  It is only on condition that I begin to think about others, about society, that I suddenly discover all kinds of means, rules, or Kelim to correctly relate to myself, to advance, and learn. It is especially in the simple relations, as it were, with people like myself, that we find the Kelim to spiritual advancement. Thus it is said, "Man's pride is our humiliation."

If man doesn't find a physical connection with others, then, as it were, he has an even better opportunity since he feels that maybe it is the connection that is missing in order for him to advance, and he becomes frustrated from this. The feeling of frustration from the lack of the connection is good, since it causes man to make efforts and advance in a virtual connection.


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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