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Worry For The Connection

It doesn't matter who is new and who is long-standing, who is small or who is great. The important thing is to be included into the society.

Before the Congress, during the Congress, and after the Congress, each one goes through and will go through all kinds of states of ascents and descents. We need to be happy for all the changes we go through. The more powerful the changes and the faster the pace of these changes, then the better it is.  During the time of the Congress we must worry about connecting to the others, without worrying about ourselves and without making clarifications of what I am feeling at the time and how I will feel afterwards. Just constantly try to be as connected as possible with the others.

During the Congress is not the time to make intellectual clarifications, but rather, to put yourself under the influence of the society. During the Congress the important thing is: "We will do and we will hear." It is to be included into the society as much as possible, to be small and not to operate the intelligence. When everyone laughs, I laugh also; when everyone cries, so do I.

I need to want to receive a deep impression from the society, like a child who is in the company of adults. For the child it is not important who is new and who has been there a long time.  Each one has to try to be included with everyone else as much as possible. If we succeed, we will feel that we really receive the force of bestowal above reason.  


-from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/10 (minutes 40-43)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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