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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 27-01-10

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The Light Shows The Truth

Try feeling, "There is none else but Him." Try feeling, "Love your friend as yourself." The Light will bring the reward.

For those who find it difficult to keep the feeling of "There is none else but Him," try doing it now, when all of us together are looking for that feeling. For those who find it is easy to feel "There is none else but Him," connect to the others and feel that maybe it is more difficult. To the one who finds it difficult to feel "There is none else but Him," it will be easier for him to feel it when connected to others; and to the one who finds it easy, maybe for him it will be more difficult to find the feeling when connected with others. From being together, we constantly try to locate that "There is none else but Him" within these actions that the Creator shows us.

You can discover the hate only through the Light that comes to you and shows you the Truth. You need to try to reach, "Love your friend as yourself," and the reward you feel is that you hate everyone. A greater reward is to feel that you are bad, and an even greater reward is that you are able to ask the Upper One to change you. These are the stages that we need to go through. We may pass all these stages only by way of exertion, and especially through the exertion of the group.

 -from the daily Kabbalah lesson


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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