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Where Is The Point In The Heart Aimed?

In corporeality it is possible to perform all kinds of actions, but where the point in the heart is aimed is principal.

Everything follows the intention. The connection is an inner one. In the external form we can laugh, cry, sing, jump; it isn't important.  The important thing is where the heart of man is aimed, and even more than that, where the point in the heart is aimed.  All the actions that we perform should be to direct our hearts correctly. Thus, with all the studies, explanations, seminars, dancing, and food, in each and every moment of the event, we need to check where our heart is, where our point in the heart is. 

If I am sitting quietly or jumping, it doesn't matter. The main thing is the point in the heart.  There are people who jump around and there are those who look like they are sleeping. There are those and there are the others. This is the nature of man. What is important is that each one will activate his point in the heart, that each one is focused on the inner world, while on the external level he does all he can according to his nature.  Not more than this is requested from anyone. It is not required that a reserved person should jump and do things that others do willingly and for fun. There are those who if you try to stop them and tell them to sit in a corner they would just burst.  In the external form, each one acts according to his nature.  The main thing is where the point in the heart is aimed, that it will be connected with the other points.

When they connect together in every level, it is a good thing. It's honorable; it's successful in every way. Even when the intentions behind an established connection are bad, this connection brings success because it is similar to the quality of unity of the Upper one, the Creator.  Now we want to bring the connection to a corrected state.  But in any case, we need to aspire to connection. The only question is what the goal of the connection is because if we connect in order to correct, then the connection will bring good, but evil persons prefer not to connect, since they influence each other with evil. As is said,"by scattering the evil, it is good for them and for the world." If friends yearn for the Upper goal of correction and the souls want to connect, then the connection is made through nullifying the ego of each and every one, and then certainly the connection will be beneficial at each level.


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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