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Daily Kabbalah Bites - 06-04-11

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What is spiritual equivalence?

I don't know who or what the Creator is, or who or what the Upper Light is. I don't know them. Everything is concealed. All the worlds are concealed from me and what do I feel? I feel my little world. How can I feel the entire reality? They tell you that you have a point in the heart and you have something called a group, and you have to connect to them, to adhere to the uterus wall, to the group, as it is written in the books.

One needs to connect to the group, to break the ego in order to connect to them and thus discover the Creator. This is called, "Love the other as yourself" and "Don't do to the other what you hate yourself." We must reach these attributes and then we will be like the Creator. Spiritual equivalence is essential. The Creator is the force of bestowal and love and I want to acquire these attributes and then I will be in equivalence of form with Him.


 - from Lesson in Toronto (minute 160)


Daily Kabbalah Bites

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