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The Mutual Connection

We have nothing except bestowing to the friends who are with us on the path towards the same goal.

It seems to us that we are flesh and blood and there are objects surrounding us. This is all deception, delusion. So what is it all for? You begin to bestow to others without feeling the desire to do so, since you hate them and they reject you, but in the external form you can perform actions that look like bestowal. In the beginning that's enough. By performing acts of bestowal towards them, they begin to relate to you as one who bestows. From  "doing" comes "do and hear," and you begin to be enthused by the surroundings and the friends.

This is the only use of free choice that we have, since in our world and in our situation, from the lowest point, we have nothing except this action. We have nothing except bestowal to the friends who are with us on the path to the same goal. They bestow on you and you on them, without the heart, only in action, in the mutual connection. But the mutual connection begins to be received as the truth since this is the way we are built. We are one soul and each one depends on all the others.


 -from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/10 (minutes 40-43)


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